Yoga is a popular mind and body practice around the globe. You have probably heard a lot about yoga, but did you know that it is recommended by orthopedic specialists as a remedy for back pain? Back pain is a health condition that most people live with. Because of excessive and prolonged sitting, back pain can seriously affect our spine, posture, and walking.

A serious back pain issue can eventually damage our posture and consequently our lumbar region. Many orthopedic specialists suggest yoga as a preventive and as a curative measure. Firstly yoga can prevent back pain at all, but more important is that a slow and persistent yoga exercise improve the patient’s back condition. Yoga exercises strengthen and stretch all the muscles that our body needs to establish and maintain a good posture. In addition, a good posture regulates the loading of bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles in our back. Anyone can perform yoga exercises, that cure the back pain, regardless of age and medical conditions.

We have researched and prepared some yoga exercises that will help you. It is important for your body and soul to be prepared before you start your new yoga session. Before you start our yoga exercises, calm down, take a few moments to think and visualize, and take some deep breaths.

It is important to be mentally and physically prepared to exercise. During your yoga session, listen to your body, exercise steady, but slowly and do not overdo your exercising.

Four yoga exercises to improve your back conditions

Begin with a reclining twist. We have designed it to relax your hips and lumbar region. Lie on your back and loosen your arms. Bend both knees. With your left foot, hug the sword of your right foot. Turn your legs on the side. Try to reach the ground. Repeat the exercise with the other leg.  


Reclining Spinal Twist Pose

Further, stretch your hips and relax your lower back with the Needlework exercise.  Lie on your back, to relax your spine. Bend your legs and cross your right ankle over your left knee. Further, with both hands gently push your left thigh muscle towards your chest. Stretch you left leg, like you want to kick the sky. Then repeat the exercise with your right leg. Stretch the entire back, your spine, and additionally strengthen your deep abdominal muscles with the Yoga Twist exercise.

Try the triangle. Initially, you are leaning on your palms and feet. Further, raise your toes and your tailbone, while your heels are steadily on the ground. While twisting your back, try to reach your right ankle with your left hand. Then change your position and try to reach your left ankle with your right hand. Lastly, you will perform an exercise to relax the tension in your upper back and neck.

Yoga Triangle Pose

Exercise in a standing position. Make a wide gap, your left foot is turned forward, your right foot is turned at a 45-degree angle. Inhale and raise your arms up, to reach the sky. Stretch your back. Exhale and turn on the side. Place your hand next to your left foot and turn your hip in the opposite direction. Inhale while raising your body up. Repeat on the other side.

Remember, you are as old as your spine is flexible. With regular yoga exercises, you will stay flexible, vital, and back pain-free.