When your fitness goal is inclined towards weight loss, you need to carefully watch the food that you’re consuming in your body. Carbs aren’t bad for you as they act as the fuel for the energy you need throughout your day, especially with your workouts. However, you do need to watch for the type of carbs and it’s more ideal to be on a low-carb diet. This will help you achieve your weight goal for weight loss – by making certain changes to your diet. In this article, we’ll be listing down low carb substitutes for french fries.

1. Sandwich sides
Sandwich sides are one of the best low-carb foods that will also leave you full for longer periods, especially when it’s packed with a healthy combination of protein, fat, and carbs. It’s also best to use whole wheat bread as it will keep you satisfied for longer. You can be as creative as you’d like with sandwich sides and put lettuce, tomatoes, meat, and even chicken. It’s one of the best and healthiest substitutes for french fries, especially if you’re particularly craving carbs.

2. Apples and peanut butter
Adding protein and carb to a healthy amount of carbs like fruits is a great snack ideal. Not only is it healthy since apples are filled with a lot of vitamins and minerals, but it’s very satisfying to eat. This snack fuels your body with all the necessary nutrients and will fill you up with more energy than french fries ever will. Apples are also excellent in providing fiber that will benefit your gut health so much.

3. Eggs
There’s an average of just 1g of carb per egg, which high at least 7g of protein. It’s an appetizing food to eat and extremely versatile, which means you make it into any dish or snack you’d like. There are several varieties of eggs that exist – poached, scrambled, sunny side, boiled, over easy, and a whole lot more.

4. Berries and whipped cream
There’s a misconception about avoiding whipped cream at all costs as it makes you fat. However, you just need to combine it with the right kind of superfoods. Berries are packed with a lot of antioxidants and are considered healthy low-carb fruit. With this snack, you don’t just provide your body with the necessary nutrients and vitamins, but it tastes good as well.

5. Strawberry smoothie
By switching to almond milk, adding a low-carb protein shake and a few chia seeds, you make this a smoothie counted as a refreshing low-carb snack. A half-cup of strawberries provides just 6g of carbs, which is what makes it an ideal low-carb food.

In conclusion, I hope this article was able to shed a clear insight into low-carb substitutes for french fries. Even if french fries are potentially good, they’re also known as empty calories, which means they don’t provide nutrients or vitamins for your body. Rather, healthier low-carb substitutes should be your go-to whenever you’re craving snacks filled with carbs.