‚ÄčChocolate is a 4000-year-old food. But, around 1850 the cocoa powder came to the market for commercial usages.

From Europe to the US every country has fallen in love with chocolates. Even, the US army carried chocolates when going to war. Today, over 4 million tons of cocoa powder is produced and distributed worldwide every year.

But, is chocolate really good for health?

Yes, dark chocolate is good for health. In reality, milk chocolate has too much sugary stuff in them. So, milk chocolates can disrupt your blood sugar levels. Hence, dark chocolate consumption can be called a healthy habit.

Before eating a piece of dark chocolate, you can read the below discussion. The discussion can explain Рwhy should you eat chocolate? 


9 Superb Health Benefits Of Chocolate


1) Reduces Heart Disease

Oxidized LDL can damage your arteries. Thus, you may develop risks of a heart attack. But, cocoa in Chocolates has a high amount of powerful anti-oxidants. These oxidants can lower the level of oxidized LDL. Thus, your arteries stay healthy and it can reduce the risk of heart attacks.

2) Lowers Blood Pressure

Cocoa powder contains flavanols. These flavanols can help you to lower your blood pressure level. Moreover, cocoa powder can produce nitric oxide. This oxide can also keep your arteries relaxed. Thus, you can control blood your pressure level by consuming cocoa powder.

3) Full Of Nutrition

Cocoa is full of nutrients. Zinc, selenium, potassium, magnesium, copper, iron, manganese, and fiber-rich nutrients come with dark chocolate. Thus, cocoa can satisfy your daily needs of nutrient intake.

4) Packed With Antioxidants

Polyphenols and flavanols are one kind of powerful biologically activated compounds. These compounds can act as antioxidants. These antioxidants can save you from radiation, cancer and they can increase blood flow. So, cocoa can protect your body in various ways.

5) Improves Brain Functions

Flavanols in cocoa powder can improve nerve and muscle function. Moreover, magnesium in cocoa can improve brain function. That’s why cocoa can help Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease patients.

6) Heals Wounds and Reduces Inflammations

Zinc in the cocoa can heal your wounds. Furthermore, cocoa has theobromine in it. This flavanol can help to reduce inflammation.

Even, one study has found that if you eat dark chocolates, then your skin can fight UV rays. So, you may not have sunburns.

7) Helps To Trigger A Better Mood

Cocoa can make you happy. It can make your mood better. The polyphenols in the cocoa can make a person calm. Perhaps this is why lovers gift chocolates to each other.

8) Controls Weight

Only a small amount of cocoa can make your stomach full. A study has found that cocoa can reduce your desire for eating salty and sweet foods. Cocoa powder can also regulate your metabolism. Thus, it can help you to control body weight.

9) Helps To Fight Diabetes

Dark chocolate consumption can help to reduce insulin resistance. When insulin is not produced, then a person can have a high sugar level in his/her body. But, cocoa can help the human body to improve its insulin functions.

You should only eat dark chocolates that have above 70% cocoa powder. Furthermore, chocolates should always be consumed moderately. Too much chocolate may not be good for your health. Hence, always have a small amount of chocolate regularly and enjoy its health benefits.