‚ÄčThe holidays are often a time full of fun, great food, and more. However, with that good times often comes extra pounds. The average weight gain during holidays is between 7-10 pounds for the average person. If you’re being health conscious and want to prevent weight gain, then it’s likely that you need to change your strategies. What exactly can you do to avoid being a part of these holiday weight gain facts? These are the primary tools and tricks to avoid the extra pounds.

Eat Before Parties

Although it may seem counterintuitive to actually eat before going out to a party or celebration, this tip is actually a great way to avoid overindulging. Many people avoid eating during the day only to splurge at night but this actually tends to lead to more weight gain over time. A good rule of thumb is to have a light meal, usually something vegetable-based before going to a party and you won’t be as tempted to splurge on high calorie foods. When you do go to the party, pick a small plate and try to choose more of the lower-calorie options like the fruit and vegetable trays. Allow yourself one to two items that might be “treat” foods and you’ll still have a great time without packing on extra weight.

Boost Your Metabolism

There are many ways that you can give your body a natural boost during the day. Making sure to get regular exercise and drinking plenty of water is a great option. However, one easy way to boost your metabolism is to choose SlimROAST optimum dark roast coffee. This coffee promotes nitric oxide production which naturally raises your metabolism while also reducing your appetite. This coffee is a great way to enjoy your morning drink while also making a smart choice for your weight.

Watch Your Alcohol Intake

Although drinking is often a part of holiday gatherings, alcohol is often high in calories and sugar. Also, these empty calories may even make you feel like eating more. A good rule of thumb is to stick with one-two drinks per function. Choose lower-calorie options like wine spritzers or a single glass of your favorite wine. Sip on it throughout the function and you’ll enjoy a good time without having to worry about many excess calories.

Make Exercise a Priority

Exercising often takes the back seat but when it’s the holidays, you need to get in your workout. When you’re pressed for time, take breaks throughout the day and schedule in short workouts such as crunches, lunges, and walks. You don’t have to join a gym but it may be a good idea to develop some options to exercise throughout the day. Many people enjoy going for walks as a natural de-stressor so consider this in the morning or evenings. Not only will this help to prevent weight gain, but it’ll also contribute to decreased stress levels.

Although weight gain over the holidays often seems inevitable, it doesn’t have to be. Make sure to follow these tips for the best results.