When choosing the appropriate detox method, do not be guided by how many pounds you will lose but only by what will be healthiest for your body.

What is detox?

Detoxifying is the process of removing harmful substances that have been deposited in the body for years. In the past, our bodies cleaned themselves, but the modern way of life has led to drastic changes in our environment, so the body is not able to keep up. We burden the body every day with additional stresses like the lack of sleep, poor and inadequate nutrition, too much noise, reduced physical activity, bad air, water, etc. After a while, the body is not able to eliminate accumulated toxins by itself.

How to detox your body?



The sauna is a standard and proven way of detoxifying the entire system – rigorous conditions and high temperatures in it have many positive effects on health. In the Finnish sauna, temperatures range from 140 F to 212 F, and the humidity is very low. It is temperature and humidity that determine the effect of the sauna on the body. Muscles relax, stress and tension disappear, immunity is strengthened, circulation improves, and impurities and toxins come out by sweating.

Water, water, water

Internal cleansing requires a lot of water consumption throughout the day. You should start the day with a glass of slightly warm water with the fresh juice of one lemon. Starting the morning with this drink is an excellent step in any detoxication process.

Vegetables as the main item on the menu

Give your body a break from heavy and fatty foods, including meat. Have some probiotics, smoothies, homemade vegetable soups, and of course, vegetables on your menu during detoxication. Briefly paint your menu green with broccoli, spinach, lettuce, etc. In a few days, your body will be grateful.

Put essential oils in your bath

Add 6-8 drops of essential oil, preferably citrus, to your bath to encourage and make your detox more effective. After the bath, you can take 2-4 drops of that same oil for your detox massage. Fragrant, relaxing, and expels toxins – a winning combination.


Although last on the list, it is certainly no less important. Exercise is the x-factor that will make the whole detox successful or not. Take a walk or learn what benefits it can give you – yoga! You might be surprised.

Detox your body and allow it to cleanse the blood and the liver of toxins and generally rest from harassment by inadequate food, drink, and insufficient rest. Your liver, kidneys, and digestive organs deserve a rest. Think about what you eat. You only have one body, so take good care of it.