The long-awaited holidays represent a moment of relaxation and well-deserved rest and this is the time of year when it is easier to gain weight. During the holidays, we often let ourselves go easy on consuming foods or drinks that favor fat accumulation. So, after the holidays, we find ourselves dealing with a few extra pounds. Here are some tips on how not have holiday weight gain.

Start the meal with a salad

Starting your meals with salads will help you feel full faster and eat less. Be careful with dressings, as in restaurants they are usually creamy and high in fat. Many times on vacation, because we get up late and do many things, we forget to eat, so we became hungrier, and it is easier to eat the first thing we come into, hence be disciplined with schedules and try to eat at the same time.

Try to eat at home

Nowhere else are we as sure of what we are eating as at home; in fact, the preparations are usually high in fat in restaurants. Also, eating at home will not go through as numerous temptations as in restaurants.

Drink lots of water

Drinking water helps to keep you hydrated, thus reducing anxiety and hunger. Besides, the water also prevents us from bloating and looking better and drinking more water during the day or by taking larger quantities of liquids in the form of centrifuged, smoothies, or juices. The drinks will help to recover the mineral salts lost with sweating and the precious vitamins able to counteract the oxidative stress generated by exposure to sunlight.

Limit alcohol

If you want to drink alcohol during the holidays, its consumption should be moderate. Among alcoholic beverages, red wine is preferable due to its content of polyphenols (chemical substances beneficial to health). Also, alcohol dehydrates the body and promotes swelling and water retention.

Do physical Activities

On holidays mostly you go to relax and rest, which does not limit you to having walks, swim or even more structured activities, in this way you are on the go every day and also burn excess fat. Don’t forget that physical activity improves the mood and helps in stress management.

Adequate Sleep

A lack of sleep is responsible for weight gain, hence the importance of respecting your sleep cycle while on holiday. It is essential not to stay up too much in the evening and have a regularity in your sleep schedules. While the body is resting at night, it is also burning calories.

Consume fruits and vegetables

These will help you feel greater satiety so that you will have fewer cravings and hunger. Choose those containing lower sugar content, such as apple, strawberries, pear, blueberry, or peach, among others.

Use an app to lose weight

One of the most common things people recommend to keep track of your diet is to use a calorie count tracker. Many applications are readily available, so you essentially have to pick out what suits you well.