Wellness is multidimensional and invokes the complete integration of physical, spiritual, and mental well-being. Everyone understands that there are many benefits of prioritizing physical fitness. However, this does not mean the other dimensions of wellness should be isolated at any given time.

Many people usually think that wellness is all about physical health and standard nutrition. Wellness is the pursuit of making decisions responsibly and sticking to the right lifestyle. On the other hand, fitness refers to the striking of a balance of all five wellness components for continued growth.

Fitness is the condition in which an individual is able to handle tasks while having adequate energy to avoid probable fatigue. With this, you can understand what it means to be fit. Since fitness cannot be judged through appearance, let take a look at the five major components of healthy and physical fitness.

Muscular Strength

Muscular strength is defined as the amount of force your muscles can put forth. It is often determined by the weight you can lift or the object you can carry. Typically, people with stronger muscles will carry out their day to day activities efficiently and are less likely to complain about backaches. Some of the things to jump-start your muscular strength include lifting heavyweight repeatedly, push-ups, and pull-ups.

Cardiovascular endurance

Can your lungs and heart endure long exercises? If not, then you are unfit. Cardiovascular endurance refers to your lungs and the heart’s ability to persevere extended periods of activity without getting short of oxygen.

The two vessels play an indispensable role in supplying your entire body with oxygen whenever you are exercising. Some activities to enhance your cardiovascular endurance include jogging, running, aerobic dance, and swimming. Make sure to do the exercise for at least 20 minutes continuously and in more than three days per week.

Muscular endurance

This refers to the ability to use your muscles to handle tasks for an extended period without getting tired. Unlike in muscular strength, where you lift weight shortly, here, your muscle can hold the same for minutes.

You can beef up your muscular endurance by doing sit-ups or lifting considerable weight multiple times.


Flexibility is using your joints fully. Flexibility is when your joints are free to adjust and allow movement. It is handy in preventing muscle injuries and soreness. Some ways to improve body flexibility include; trying to touch toes by leaning forward and stretching before and after tasks. The sit and reach test is the apparent test for flexibility.

Fat Composition in the body

Body fat composition refers to the fat percentage that makes up your body weight compared to other tissues. Basically, men should have a body fat composition of 17% or lower to be fit. On the other hand, women are said to be fit and healthy if the body fat composition is less than 24%. People with high fat composition are likely to get ill and quick death rates.


The components of fitness are equally important, and none of them should be isolated when working out your program for health and wellness.