​Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin because we can get enough of it from the sunlight, it converts the cholesterol in our skin into Vitamin D. You can also get it from certain foods and supplements but the most affordable and easiest way to enjoy its benefits is to get it from sunlight. If you want to know why it is so important to get enough amount of vitamin D, keep reading to learn its benefits.

Good For Bone Health

Vitamin D is essential to promote bone health. It helps the body to absorb and use calcium, an essential mineral that keeps your bones strong and healthy. It can reduce bone loss related to aging and hormonal changes. Enough vitamin D can lower the risk of osteoporosis and the deficiency can increase the risk of suffering fractures.

Boost your Immune System

Vitamin D is important to support your immune system and help you fight diseases and infections. It can enhance the function of important cells of the immune system such as macrophages and T cells.

It has both anti-inflammatory and anti-regulatory functions that help to keep the system balance so it can effectively attack infections without overreacting and worsening the symptoms of autoimmune diseases. In fact, low levels of vitamin D have been associated with frequent colds and the flu, and an increased risk of other respiratory infections such as asthma and tuberculosis.

Vitamin D May Lower the Risk of Depression

Vitamin D may be important to promote healthy brain function and a deficiency can increase your risk of suffering depression. There are receptors of vitamin D in many areas of the brain related to mood and happiness. Vitamin D itself may not work to treat depression but low levels can fasten cognitive decline and contribute to the development of depression.

Boost Weight Loss

According to research, overweight people tend to have lower levels of vitamin D which means that there may be a relationship between weight loss and vitamin D. It may reduce the production of new fat cells in the body as well as reduce fat accumulation. Vitamin D increases the levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that also acts as a hormone and may regulate appetite making you have a lower calorie intake, therefore boosting weight loss. It is also related to high levels of testosterone which can boost metabolism and reduce body fat.

What you Can do To Get More Sunlight

  • Work out outdoors every day, just taking a walk may be enough to give you enough vitamin D.

  • Sit closer to a window.

  • Open the curtains as soon as you wakeup.

  • Midday is the time of the day where you can get more sunlight, just standing outside for a few minutes will be enough to get all the vitamin D you need.

  • Avoid having unprotected sun exposure too often, it may cause sunburns and dark spots.

Final Thoughts

Our body can’t produce vitamin D so it is important to get it from the sunlight or supplements in order to enjoy its benefits.