While most of us already know the basics of weight loss, there are still a few tricks not known by many that can. Some of them seem like they should be common sense, and some might be a bit whacky.
Here are a few rarely mentioned and unusual weight loss tips:

Stand. Up.

If you can perform a task sitting down. you can likely do the same standing up. Just this tiny shift will make it so you spend almost twice as many calories sorting your mail, typing emails, watching TV, etc. That can easily be one to two calories for every pound of your body weight. It might not sound like much at first, but if we told you that shave up to 15 minutes from your cardio routine, would you be interested?
Take a moment and smell the vanilla.
The mere scent of vanilla may help curb your sweet tooth. If you are craving dessert, light a candle or stick your nose into a bottle of extract, and save yourself some calories.

Exercise before you eat.

Research shows that exercising on an empty stomach helps you tap into your fat stores easier. You can have a cup of coffee for that extra boost of energy but leave breakfast for after. Oh, you will still burn the same amount of calories, it’s just that energy will come from your muffin top, not your lunch.

Be zen.

Mindfulness can help you eat less. If you take a moment to look at, smell and think about your food, you will give your brain plenty of time to register that you are full. Also, it gets you to learn how to enjoy what you eat and not just the feeling of fullness alone.
You don’t have to eat breakfast. Nor the several small meals.
In fact, you don’t have to eat in any of these “proven to help you lose weight” ways. If a way of eating is not to your liking, you will fall off the wagon. Listen to your body – what suits you the best is what you will stick to for years.

Bulk up your tableware collection.

Research has shown that people who eat off plates that are in high color contrast to the food are about 30% more likely to eat less. If you also downsize those plates and bowl, you can cut massive amounts of calories without even blinking.
Until you can hit the shops, you might also want to try eating the rainbow. Not only is it going to be healthier for you overall, but all those different colors will trick your brain to think you had eaten more.

Dust off your Mozart.

Or Tchaikovsky. Or maybe some smooth jazz. You’ve probably already heard that watching TV while eating is a big no-no because it makes you overeat. Slow music has the opposite effect. Leave the latest hit song for your car or your workout, and stick to something not so distracting during your meals.

Just breathe.

Breathing is the only action our body can perform that is both voluntary and involuntary. Research has shown that setting aside some time to practice slow breathing daily, can do wonders for our stress levels. When the stress levels go down, the quality of sleep goes up. When we sleep better, some of the weight management hormones start working in our favor. Not only are our cravings tamed, but our bodies stop stubbornly holding onto our fat deposits.