Knowing the type of body you have can help improve your workout routines since each type has a different composition and the capacity to burn off fat. Three main body types are also known as somatotypes. If you have been asking, “what are the different body types?” then, below are some answers.


This type of body is generally curvy and fuller, which may make most people feel to gain weight easily. Losing weight may be more challenging for this body type, and you may have to work extra hard to shed off a few pounds of weight. The body has more muscles, but that is accompanied by more mass. You have to be careful with what you eat and avoid taking too many carbs because the metabolic rate is slower than in other body types. Fat is usually collected around the mid-section, but that doesn’t mean you should push yourself too hard when working out. Proper nutritional choices and enough seep should help you maintain a healthy weight balance. When working out, choose exercises that build muscles and intense routines that speed up the fat-burning process.


Like endomorphs, mesomorphs can accumulate fat quickly to gain weight, but losing that weight is also easy. The type of body is proportional and upright and is usually considered to be athletic in most cases. People with this body type mostly participate in sports; however, you still need to eat properly as a mesomorph. Eating good fats and enough carbohydrates are still important to ensure the body gets a proper balance. Lean proteins and carbs will supply your body with energy to keep functioning properly. With this body, you don’t have to push yourself too hard when it comes to working out. Moderation will give you the results you want, but it’s advisable to include aerobics in your routines. Although this body type burns off fat easily, failure to work out and overeating can lead to immense weight gain, so you should still be careful.


Ectomorph body type has lean features but not a lot of muscles. This body type has a very fast metabolism that doesn’t allow it to store a lot of fat, which makes the body a little delicate. The genetic formation of this body type limits the ability to build up mass. A such, you should be careful when working out. Choose exercise routines that don’t require a lot of pressure. Compound movements that don’t target specific muscles will work just fine, but you can still include a few isolated movements when working out. Eat a lot of good fats and proteins to keep up with the metabolism rate and provide you with the energy you need. It’s okay to eat a lot of carbs, but you should still try to avoid overeating. Go for carbohydrates that leave you feeling full for longer so that you don’t eat all the time. You may have to use supplements to help you gain weight, but a proper diet should be enough.


Lifestyle changes can help you get the kind of body composition you desire. With proper nutritional balance and exercises, you can have a healthy lifestyle regardless of your body type.