When it comes to cultivating success, most people will tell you that it starts with the ways that you think. In fact, the saying that to achieve you must first believe isn’t simply a phrase. It’s been shown to be true in a number of settings. Whether your goal is to improve your health, lose weight, or take on a new challenge, having a success mindset is crucial. These 7 mindsets of success demonstrate what you need to develop your own.

1. Take Control of Your Mind

It’s all too easy to let doubt and fear creep into your mindset. However, when you start to notice these negative feelings develop, stop them immediately. Instead, focus on developing healthier thoughts. This can take some time to develop so allow yourself a little patience in the area.

2. Focus on the Future

A success mindset doesn’t mean that you forget the past. However, it does mean that you take knowledge from any past failures and mistakes and then leave the rest of it behind. Instead, it’s time to focus on developing a mindset that’s focused on what’s to come. Every time that you find yourself thinking about the past, make yourself instead think of one aspect of the future.

3. Look for Ways to Give Back

A mind that’s focused on success means looking to provide value. This can be done in practical ways, but start by thinking of how you provide value in your life. Maybe you help a neighbor shovel his driveway. Focus on developing a mindset that looks for ways to provide value and to give back in practical ways.

4. Adopt an Abundance Mentality

Many of us live with a scarcity mentality, thinking that we have limited options in life. While there are likely some options better than others, this type of thinking can lead to paranoia and then fear. Instead, develop an abundance mentality that focuses on maintaining openness with ourselves and others.

5. Don’t Fear Failure

Successful people have likely failed at multiple ventures. Even the world’s most successful people have a list of failures in their life. You must develop a mindset that can experience failure and then move beyond it. Make yourself recognize that failure, however large or small, is part of the process. This will prepare you better for the future.

6. Create a Long-Term Vision

A success mindset means being focused on a vision that’s to come. It’s usually based on a personal or professional goal in your life. While this should be something specific, it should be something that’s going to take some time to reach. For example, a vision of opening your own business takes multiple steps.

7. Trust Your Instincts

While having this mindset doesn’t mean that you don’t take advice, it does involve listening to your own instincts. Start paying attention to what you think and feel to develop this aspect of your mind.

Although we don’t all develop the mindset of success overnight, it’s certainly possible. Use these seven areas to understand and cultivate your own.